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What Is A "Clarity Call"?

    Fill out the form on this page to request a no-obligation phone consultation with Dr. Joni Labbe. We call these Clarity Calls because it is an opportunity to sit face to face (on zoom) and discuss your symptoms, current and past treatment methods, and how we can carve a unique path forward that will help you both feel and function fantastically again. 
    Please note: due to state regulations, we are unable to work with patients in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

To Book Your Clarity Call Simply Fill Out The Health History Form Below and On The Next Page You Can Pick A Time For Your Call


    See What Are Clients Are Saying About Working With Us

    Meet our ThyroSister, Danielle!
    After one month on the program, view how Danielle lost 2” off her waist, ditched the fatigue, and reduced hot flashes from 20 to ONE or TWO over a 24-hour-period. Hear her experience of discovering she had hemochromatosis, or iron overload.

    Meet our ThyroSister, Cassie!
    “I wanted to go through menopause and still have people like me” See how Cassie is reducing brain fog, lost 7.8 lbs. in 28 days even with hypothyroid issues, and quit gaining weight in her kick boxing class.
    Meet our ThyroSister, Krista!
    Since the 14 Day Cleanse, it’s the first time Krista could remember feeling good after eating! She had been suffering with severe fatigue, chronic migraines, hair loss, digestive issues, and her husband thought she should see a neurologist for a brain tumor. Even her vision is better. See her remarkable health journey.
    Meet our ThyroSister, Nicole!
    Enjoy the many practical and fabulous tips and tricks from Nicole’s experience on the ThyroSisters™ program. From organizing supplements, to quick nutritious snacks and alternative baking flours, to conquering misconceptions of “healthy foods”. See how she has gained understanding on balancing hormones, reducing hotflashes, decreasing inflammation, leaky gut, and reducing Hashimoto concerns.
    Meet our ThyroSister, Monica!
    After struggling with dark days emotionally, waking up in the middle of the night angry, and agitated, Monica is seeing her true, happy, self again. View her encouraging testimony and see that even with Hashimoto’s you too can see your former self again.
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